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The National Museum of Military History will close for the season’s holidays on December 24 – 27, and December 30 – January 2, 2024.
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Armes Blanches
and Firearms

The weapons collection of the National Museum of Military History comprises over 44 000 exponents. This is the richest weapons collection in Bulgaria, enriched through the past decades, thanks to the patriotism of the ordinary Bulgarian citizens, and to the foresight and historicity sense of the General Staff and Bulgarian Ministry of Defense.

The collection is material symbol of the Bulgarian military spirit, forever preserved in the museum. There are preserved for generations to come unique samples of cold steel and firearms, masterpieces of the art of gunsmiths of the period since the 15th c. up to 20th c. The ensemble of chronologically displayed exponents presents a section of weapons’ development as part of the cultural heritage of human civilization from the Bulgarian Revival up to the present day.

Firearms, since the invention of gunpowder to the appearing of the “unitary” ammunitions, are presented in the display by unique samples of arms with matchlock and flintlock ignition. There are also presented pin-fire systems “Lefaucheux”, and those from the times of arising and adopting “central fire” ammunitions, used by modern weapons. The most interesting systems and types of firearms could be seen in this collection hall only.

The exhibition gives a unique chance for a visual contact with rare samples of weapons from the private collections of Knyaz Alexander I (Eng. – prince), Knyaz (since 1908 – Tsar) Ferdinand I, Tsar Boris III, Knyaz Simeon of Tarnovo.