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November 22, 2017

For the first time the National Museum of Military History organizes a Mother’s Day full with thrilling excitements. The celebration will be held on November 25 (Saturday) from 10.00 to 18.00 o’clock. The admission to the permanent chronological and outside exhibitions of the museum will be free.

After the great success of the Father’s Day the museum pays special attention to the mother’s figure in the days of the upcoming holiday season.

Various attractions, art workshops, dances and games will entertain all children and parents who decide to visit the museum on this particular day. They will have the chance to paint over water using the ancient technique „ebru“, they will draw colorful pictures over small stones, and the ones who are crafty enough will be able to leave with their own handmade warriors, ballerinas and paper origami. At the jewelry workshop everyone will be an author of exquisite beads decorations, and at the same time all will be united in the process of kneading bread.

National dances lessons will present the beauty of the Bulgarian folklore, and the effective taekwondo self-defence techniques will make our visitors feel safer in critical situations. Another natural reaction – the laughter - will be presented as a healing power through the methods of Laughter Therapy suitable both for children and adults.

There will be fun also for the inquisitive ones. They will be able to take a shot at a special family game with questions from the military history while others will navigate robots programmed to move on special obstacle tracks.

The artistic qualities of both mothers and children will be provoked by the motion theatre – a fascinating combination of songs, dances and acting games. The musical journey will continue with fragments of the Broadway musical „Annie“, and the audience will be invited to join the actors on the stage.

A professional psychologist will present a lecture about the different types of dominant mothers and will analyze the overprotective parents and their part in the formation of children’s risk behavior. A festive atmosphere will be added by the lectures about the healthy diet and the care for the sensitive children skin. At the end all will be able to enjoy the puppet theatrical performance „Who will be King?“.

The Mother’s Day is realized with the support of Academy for Stage Art „Amadeus“, „Marabu“ Workshop, Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation, Wild Wildalones, La Roche-Posay Bulgaria, Network „Bread Houses“, the web platform „I Know to Eat“, the psychologist Jordan Tankovski, „Robotics“, Rossmarin Art, Laughter Therapy, Sofia Security Forum, Dance School „Makam“, Flower Theatre.



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