• carries out activities related to investigating, studying and collecting of Movable Cultural Valuables,
  • forms the primary museum documentation;
  • arranges in legal terms, the adoption of the MCV in the funds of the branch;
  • carries out the distribution of MCV at the base, exchangeable scientific and auxiliary fund and scientific records;
  • implements the conservation and the protection of the fund of MCV;
  • processes scientifically and registers the entered MCV in the incoming record book of the fund and the inventory books of the collections;
  • participates in the development and the implementation of thematic- expositional plans for permanent and temporary exhibitions;
  • participates in completing of the electronic database of the fund from MCV;
  • participates in the activities of commissions envisaged in the law on the cultural heritage;
  • ensures the preparation of references, publications, films, etc.;
  • makes researches;
  • accomplishes all the activities in the integral organization and functioning of the exposition;
  • carries out guide services to the visitors of the expositions and the exhibitions.

Director - Radka Banyalieva

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Fax: +359 32/ 63 66 78


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