• organizes and carries out the secretary work in NMMH;
  • provides in legal terms, the lawful implementation of the competences of the Director of NMMH and realizes the procedural representation of NMMH;
  • participates in the elaboration and coordinates projects of documents;
  • provides in legal terms, the activity of assignment of public orders entrusted by the director of NMMH;
  • organizes the activities connected with the human resources management;
  • prepares the schedule of the positions and the nominal schedule of the posts in NMMH;
  • prepares documents for the appointment and discharge of the employees of NMMH and for amending of their legal relations.
  • organizes and operates in the provision of safe and healthy conditions of work;
  • arranges the transport services of NMMH;
  • organizes and carries out the financial activities in NMMH;
  • Provides in legal terms, the management and the use of real properties consigned for the management to NMMH;
  • organizes and carries out the supplying of inventory, equipment, expendables and other materials;
  • organizes and controls the security of NMMH.

Directorat's e-mail:

Directorate for "Administrative-legal services, human resources and financial-economic activities"
Doroteia Kracholova-Gospodinova
Phone: + 359 2/ 946 18 11

Galina Kraleva – Chief Accountant
Phone: + 359 2/ 944 32 61


Bulgaria, Sofia 1505
92 Cherkovna Str.
busses: 9, 72, 120, 305, 413
trams: 20, 23
phone: + 359 2/946 1805
fax: + 359 2/946 1806