With a decree of Tsar Ferdinand I № 39/ 01 August 1914 at the Headquarters of the Bulgarian Army was established Military-Historical Commission. A little later is specified its composition - a museum, archives and library.

By order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Operative Army № 391 / 04 July 1916 started the real make up of the museum’s collections “… in order to preserve for the eternity all the items connected to the events which mark the most significant pages of our military history”.

After dividing the first Bulgarian People’s Museum in 1906 into two museums – the Archeological and Ethnographical ones, the Military museum became the 3rd national museum institution.

The first exhibition of the Main Military Museum was opened only on 12 May 1937 in a rented building provided by the Sofia Officer’s Assembly, located on 15 Moskovska Str. In 1949 the Museum was renamed as a Central Museum of the People’s Army. In 1950 – 1951 the Museum has been moved to 23 Gen. Skobelev Blvd, where in 1952 it opens new exhibition.

The Naval Museum in Varna becomes its affiliate since 1956. In the same year starts working the first restoration workshop.

After an agreement between Bulgarian and Hungarian governments in 1967 staff of the Military Museum establishes the only abroad Museum of the First Bulgarian army.

In 1968, with a decree of the Council of Ministers of National Republic of Bulgaria, the museum was given a status of a national institution and changes its name to a National Museum of Military History. The Naval Museum and Park-Museum “Vladislav Varnenchik” in Varna became its branches.

Since 1973, starts issuing of a scientific magazine “Bulletin of the NMMH”. Since 2001 is publishing an “Annual of the Naval Museum”.


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