The National Military Museum offers educational programs aimed at enhancing the historical culture, preservation of national memory and understanding Bulgarian identity, based on its rich exposition and funds and highly qualified and experienced team as well. Programs are addressed to children and youth, and the volume and content are appropriate to their age and interests.

Each program is developed in several subtopics, which allows selection of specific thematic range or visiting museum repeatedly for the entire module realization. Each of the themes includes lecture /theoretical/ part, supported by the capabilities of multimedia, and a second - practical part, which provides exactly the specific educational impact, conducted in a museum environment.

Participants have the opportunity to touch real historical artifacts, to sense the authentic time's atmosphere, to enact moments, and to recreate historical events by reproducing actions of real people through role play. Each educational program ends with a quiz and prizes to the most active participants. If interested – there is an opportunity to work out creative tasks as drawing, essay, model etc. at home and participate in a subsequent competition.

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Topic: The Bulgarian Middle Ages

  • Establishment of the Bulgarian state
  • History and culture of the First Bulgarian Tsardom
  • Rising and failure of the Second Bulgarian Tsardom

Topic: Liberty or Death

  • Hajduks, cheta units and the organized National Liberation Movement
  • Origins of the national idea
  • The April Uprising – preparation, actions over the regions, the European response

Topic: Vasil Levski – yesterday and today

  • Vasil Levski’s ideas and activity – new stage of the National Liberation Movement
  • The Apostle in the memoirs of his contemporaries
  • Apostle’s legacy

Topic: Cliff to cliff, from age to age

  • Russia, The Eastern Question and the National Liberation struggles at Balkans. Russo-Turkish War, 1877-1878
  • Bulgarian Volunteer Force
  • Bulgaria of San-Stefano and the Berlin Congress

Topic: Bulgarian Army defending the Unification

  • The Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia
  • Captains versus Generals – guarding the unified Fatherland in Serbo-Bulgarian War of 1885
  • Уникалният „пеши марш“ на българските войници, героите на войната

Topic: Independent Bulgaria

  • International atmosphere. On the road to the Independence
  • Originating of the Bulgarian Tsardom
  • Why is it important to us to be independent?

Topic: Wars for national reunion

  • Politics and diplomacy – the Balkan League. On the way to the First Balkan War
  • March of the Commanders – the Balkan Wars
  • How the wars affect Bulgaria’s fate and how they turn events around

Topic: Bulgaria in WWI

  • Bulgaria at the war’s door
  • Entering the war, evolvement of the war operations, fronts. Bulgarian commanders, the antagonists talk about with recognition and respect
  • What’s new in this war?
  • War’s price then and now

Topic: Bulgarian Army in WWII

  • Could the national ideals be accomplished by diplomacy – South Dobrudzha’s r retrieval
  • What do we don’t know about the Bulgarian occupational corps”?
  • The battle for the skies vaulted over Sofia
  • Bulgaria alongside of two coalitions

Topic: Cold steel arms

  • History and types of cold steel arms
  • Arms as artwork

Topic: Fire arms

  • Genesis, development and elaboration of the igniting mechanisms
  • Types of fire arms

Topic: The exhibits reviving

  • What is the feeling of being on transportation helicopter’s board?
  • Is it tight in tank?
  • How does the world look outside of destroyer’ cabin?

Topic: Me and the museum

  • What the museum guide is doing – how to make exhibits “talk”?
  • Take part in our restorers team – how to restore metal, paper or painting.

Topic: Anthem, coat of arms and flagТема: Химн, герб, знаме

  • Anthem – the history of creating the national anthems after Bulgaria’s Liberation
  • Coat of arms – origins, symbols, distinguishing
  • Flag – development through the centuries, combat flags, state flag

Topic: Military symbols, decorations and rituals

  • Military oath and combat flags’ consecration
  • May 6th – the Day of Bravery and Bulgarian Army’s Day, Epiphany, the Saturday before St. Archangel Michael Day Memorial Service
  • Bulgarian award system. Military decorations
  • Military uniform
  • Military ranks in the Bulgarian Army

War in paintings

  • The art and the war
  • The military artists

„Trip to the past“
The program is addressed to children with special educational needs. Using games, the participants touch different cultural valuables. “Traveling to the Past” they acquaint themselves to the history and to the museum as an institution.


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