For our little friends the National Museum of Military History opened Children's Museum MIG – Misliteli, Izobretateli, Geroi (Eng. – TIH as for thinkers, inventors, heroes), which is a joint project with the New Bulgarian University, financed by the “America for Bulgaria” Foundation. The message of the new museum space designed for children from 3 to 12 years old ones is: the communication as a way to resolve conflicts. The museum labyrinth comprises of four rooms, each one with its own slogan:
“I lead, I decide” recreates moments related to popular and not that popular commanders of the Bulgarian Army. Their example inspires children to feel themselves as leaders and to reveal their skills for conflict resolution.
“I can, I do” is the space in which visitors can immerse themselves in various technical inventions made for military purposes nationally and globally, and to learn that a significant part of these innovations and technologies today have become an integral part of our daily lives.
“I think, I change” is the room where small NMMH friends will be able to see and try out household items of the soldiers, to hear the stories of the heroes that military history remembers and knows well, and to discover for themselves what is the heroism, and who is their hero.
“I and the museum” is that part of an interactive labyrinth that leads to interesting exhibits and their way to the museum exhibition.
Participants themselves determine the places where they want to be entertained, to learn new facts and events from our military history, to warm to heroes’ or to important figure of wartime roles, attiring uniforms with adjoining accessories as hats, shoulder straps and decorations.
In the Children's Museum you may: play and talk aloud; touch, disassemble and examine; to read books about art, great inventors and glorious battles; everyone to make his/her own museum, getting to know the vast mysterious world of working in a museum.
Come to the NMMH, visit the Children's Museum MIG/TIH and see for yourself that it is not boring but rather fun, enjoyable and useful.

Terms of Service of the Children's Museum:
All children must be accompanied by a parent or a teacher.
The maximum capacity of each room is 8 children.
The safety of children is a responsibility of their companions.


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